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Global Electricity DSO Profiles Report 2021

Global Transmission has released the Global Electricity DSO Profiles Report in December 2020. The report provides detailed profiles of around 250 distribution system operators (DSOs) or distribution utilities operating in 74 countries in six regions — North America, Latin America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. There is also a profile for each of the 74 countries.

The report has seven distinct sections.

Part 1 provides the executive summary of the report.

Part 2 of the report discusses the key trends in the global electricity distribution sector. It analyses the past growth in electricity sales and network, evaluates the operational and financial performance of DSOs, examines past and future trends in capital expenditure, and highlights the major initiatives and key focus areas of leading DSOs.

Part 3 of the report compares the growth in distribution line length, electricity sales and customer base of leading DSOs from 2014 to 2019.

Part 4 of the report compares the operational and financial performance of leading DSOs. The performance of DSOs has been compared on parameters such as distribution losses, SAIFI, SAIDI, revenue from distribution sales and net profit.

Part 5 of the report analyses the past and future capital expenditure programmes of leading DSOs.

Part 6 of the report comprises of detailed profiles of leading 250 DSOs across the globe. These DSOs own and operate a major share in the distribution market (in terms of electricity sales) in their respective countries. The section also comprises country profiles of 74 countries — two in North America, 14 in Latin America, 17 in Asia, 24 in Europe, six in the Middle East and 11 in Africa.

Each DSO profile comprises of the following information and data:

  • Size and growth of the distribution network (2014-19)
  • Growth in electricity sales and customer base (2014-19)
  • Trends in operational performance (2014-19)
    - Distribution losses
    - SAIFI/SAIDI indices
  • Trends in financial performance (2014-19)
    - Revenues from electricity distribution
    - Net profit/net income from electricity distribution
    - Capex/investment in the distribution network
  • Forecast and projections
    - Network plans and targets
    - Expected capex/investment trends
    - Major focus areas 

Each country profile provides:

  • A snapshot of recent growth trends in the electricity sector
  • An overview of the institutional and regulatory structure and key players
  • Data on the expected growth in future consumption

Part 7 comprises the sources, methodology and a list of abbreviations.

The report is available in PDF and Excel formats. It is priced at USD 5,000.

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