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EV Charging Infrastructure

Current State and Regulations in Key Markets

Electric vehicles (EVs) are envisioned to dominate the global mobility market in the near future. Policies are being refined in many countries for greater adoption of EVs as a sustainable public and private mobility solution. In response, utilities, EV manufacturers, operators and technology providers are working towards developing smart and efficient charging infrastructure in order to meet customer needs of security and convenience.

Global Transmission will release a report titled “EV Charging Infrastructure: Current State and Regulations in Key Markets” in May 2020. The report will have 8 sections and will provide insights into the current state of play, and policy and regulatory developments in about 30 major markets around the world.

Section 1 will comprise an Executive Summary of the report. Section 2 will provide an overview, track the growth over the past three years and outline the expected trends in the global EV market. Section 3 will focus on the existing charging infrastructure, targets and key trends in this market.

Section 4 will provide a comparison of the policy and regulatory frameworks across the selected markets and Section 5 will focus on charging tariffs and pricing. Key charging infrastructure providers or chargepoint operators will be profiled in Section 6.

The report will include detailed profiles of each of the key markets in Section 7.  Each country profile will have the following information:

  • Overview of the EV market
  • Expected growth in the market
  • Institutional framework
  • Policy and regulations
  • Charging tariffs and pricing
  • Charging infrastructure targets
  • Key players, their current infrastructure, offerings and targets

Sources and methodology will be covered in Section 8.

This report is indispensible for any organisation interested in the EV Charging Infrastructure - electric and power utilities; transmission and distribution system operators; charging station developers and operators; charging technology and equipment manufacturers and suppliers; public transportation authorities; transport and city infrastructure planning experts; commercial vehicle management companies; government and regulatory agencies; renewable energy developers; OEMs and EV manufacturers; logistics and fleet operators; contractors, engineering consultants; research institutions and academia; financial institutions, legal experts; etc.

The report will be available in a Power Point presentation (converted to PDF). 

The report is priced at USD4,000.

There are also special "early bird" discounts - the price is USD3,000 (25 per cent discount) for orders and payments received on or before May 14, 2020 and USD3,500 (12.5 per cent discount) for orders and payments received on or before May 31, 2020.

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