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Project Update

Current status of key electric power transmission projects

North America Latin America Asia Pacific
Europe Middle East & Africa

North America

New England Clean Power Link, US 

August 1, 2017
The project will run from the Canadian border at Alburgh, Vermont, to Ludlow, Vermont, and will deliver about 1,000 MW of renewable energy from Canada to New England, through Vermont.

Moses–Adirondack Smart Path Reliability project, US 

August 1, 2017
New York regulators recently announced the project, which will strengthen the New York state electric power grid and enable more renewable energy from upstate New York to be connected to the state’s power system.

Aeolus–Bridger/Anticline Transmission Line and Accompanying Transmission Facilities Project, US 

August 1, 2017
The project has been proposed to relieve existing congestion and enable the interconnection of proposed wind projects to the company’s transmission system.

Northeast Renewable Link, US 

August 1, 2017
The Northeast Renewable Link (NRL) will provide significant benefits to towns, residents and businesses in the states of New York and Massachusetts.

Latin America

Montalvo–Los Héroes Transmission Line, Peru 

August 1, 2017
Transmisora Electrica del Sur 3, which won the project concession in September 2016, is developing the project to reinforce supply to the southern city of Tacna.

Copey–Cuestecitas and Copey–Fundación Transmission Lines, Colombia 

August 1, 2017
The project involves the construction of two transmission lines. The first one is a 215-km long, 500 kV transmission line from the new Cuestecitas substation to the existing Copey substation.

Transmission System Development in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil 

July 4, 2017
he company was awarded the project by the Brazilian energy regulator Agencia Nacional de Energia Eletrica (ANEEL) during auction no. 004/2014 in November 2014.

Baja California Sur–Sistema Interconectado Nacional (SIN) Interconnection Project, Mexico 

July 4, 2017
Mexican state-owned energy firm Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE) has recently announced a direct current (DC) underwater transmission line project to connect Isolated Electrical System of Baja California Sur with Sistema Interconectado Nacional (SIN)—the national interconnected system.

Asia Pacific

CASA 1000 Project, Tajikistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-Kyrgyz Republic 

July 31, 2017
The transmission project aims to facilitate the trade of 1,300 MW of electricity among four countries—Tajikistan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Power Transmission Enhancement Investment Programme Tranche IV, Pakistan 

July 31, 2017
The transmission enhancement project includes 10 subprojects covering a line bay extension and a 281-km, 500 kV transmission line from the 500 kV Muzaffargarh grid station for electricity evacuation from the 747 MW Guddu power plant; four new 220 kV grid stations and in/out transmission lines at Chakdara, D.I. Khan, Lalian and Nowshehra; installation of a static var system (SVS) at the 220/132 kV Quetta industrial grid station; extension of 500 kV grid stations at Jamshoro and Gujranwala; augmentation of the 500 kV grid station at Rewat; and procurement of construction and operational equipment.

Northern Region System Strengthening-XXXII (NRSS-XXXII), India 

July 13, 2017
The project is being implemented by India’s central transmission utility POWERGRID.

Transmission System Associated with Gadarwara Steam-based Thermal Power Station (2x800 MW) of NTPC Part A, India 

July 13, 2017
The project forms Part A of a two-part transmission scheme aimed at evacuation and supply of power from NTPC Limited’s upcoming 2x800 MW Gadarwara steam-based thermal power station (STPS), located in Narsinghpur district in the state of Madhya Pradesh, to the beneficiaries of the generation project.


Celtic Interconnector Project, Ireland–France 

August 2, 2017
The 700 MW Celtic interconnector project, based on high voltage direct current (HVDC) technology, will connect the south coast of Ireland with the northwest coast of France.

Cluster DolWin6, Germany 

July 31, 2017
The DolWin6 project is being executed by Germany’s TenneT TSO GmbH.

Moldova Romania Power Interconnection Phase I Project 

July 31, 2017
The Moldova Romania Power Interconnection project has three components: a back-to-back (BTB) unit at the Vulcanesti substation and the 330 kV Vulcanesti–Chisinau line (sub-project 1); a BTB station and the 330/400 kV Romania–Ungheni–Straseni overhead line (sub-project 2); and a BTB station and the 400 kV Balti–Suceava overhead line (sub-project 3).

North Sea Network Interconnector, UK and Norway 

July 31, 2017
Once implemented, the ±500 kV, high voltage direct current (HVDC) North Sea Network Interconnector will be the world’s longest subsea electricity cable.

Middle East & Africa

Egypt–Saudi Arabia Grid Interconnection Project 

July 31, 2017
EETC and National Grid SA are developing an interconnection project that aims to connect the grids of Egypt and Saudi Arabia. The project entails the construction of a ±500 kV multi-terminal high voltage direct current (HVDC) link from Badr in Egypt to El-Madinah El Munawara via Tabuk in Saudi Arabia.

Uganda–South Sudan Interconnection 

July 31, 2017
UETCL and SSEC are developing a 400 kV cross-border project to link the power grids of Uganda and South Sudan. The link will run from Olwiyo in Uganda to Juba in South Sudan.

LAPSSET Corridor Transmission Project, Kenya 

July 31, 2017
KETRACO is undertaking the construction of a 1,420-km-long 220 kV line that will link Lamu, Garissa, Isiolo, Baringo and Lodwar, along with associated substations.

MoZiSa Transmission Project, Mozambique–Zimbabwe–South Africa 

July 28, 2017
A new transmission interconnection to link three Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries—Mozambique, Zimbabwe and South Africa—is being developed by EDM, ZESA and Eskom respectively. T