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Top TSOs: Trends in Network Growth [free access]

June 11, 2021

As per Global Transmission Research’s recent report—Global Transmission TSO Profiles and Benchmarking Report, which profiles 212 transmission system operators (TSOs) and developers in over 100 countries—the leading 212 TSOs and operators across the globe together owned 47,23,434 km of transmission lines. Of this, utilities in the Asia Pacific region accounted for around 50 per cent of the total line length, followed by North American companies with a 19 per cent share. Meanwhile, European TSOs accounted for a 14 per cent share, Latin American companies for a 9 per cent share, and Middle Eastern and African utilities accounted for a 4 per cent share each.


Figure 1: Growth in electricity transmission network, 2015-20 (km)




Source: Global Transmission Research 


Of the 212 tracked TSOs and developers, 45 major companies owned almost 71 per cent of the total transmission assets. The transmission line lengths of these 45 utilities (combined) grew at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.5 per cent during 2015–20, while the total transmission capacity (excluding North American utilities) grew by almost double that rate, witnessing a CAGR of 5.3 per cent over the same period.


Of these 45 major operators and developers, Asian utilities—State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) and China Southern Power Grid (CSG)—dominated the asset ownership with a combined share of almost 41 per cent. This was followed by Russia’s Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System (FGC UES) with a 4.4 per cent share. Meanwhile, India’s Powergrid Corporation of India Limited (POWERGRID) accounted for a share of almost 4.3 per cent.




Figure 2: Transmission line length share of top 45 TSOs, 2020 (%)

Note: CFE–Comisión Federal de Electricidad; CSG–China Southern Power Grid; FGC UES–Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System; POWERGRID–Powergrid Corporation of India Limited; SGCC–State Grid Corporation of China

Source: Global Transmission Research