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High Growth Transmission Markets

Opportunities for Suppliers, Developers and Investors

The electricity transmission industry world over is poised for growth. Rising demand for power, increasing integration of renewable energy resources and greater attention to grid reliability and security of supply are driving investments in transmission networks. Utilities are developing focused plans and governments are adopting regulatory and policy initiatives to stimulate investor interest. These industry and market forces are presenting sizeable business opportunities in the high voltage transmission sectors of both emerging and mature markets.

While opportunities exist, business leaders and investors are often faced with the tough challenge of which markets to focus on and where to invest. Global Transmission Research's upcoming report titled, High Growth Transmission Markets, will analyse the top 25 markets to help these executives in their decision making process.The report will present investment and network expansion plans for high voltage grid infrastructure in the top 25 markets, and highlight business opportunities for investors and developers (for private investment and public private partnerships), suppliers, contractors and consultants.

The report will provide data on the growth over the last decade and analyse the recent developments shaping the future of these markets. It will present projections for the coming decade and highlight the broad outlook for these markets. It will also present a list of 100 key upcoming (planned and proposed) transmission projects in these markets.

The report will have 8 distinct sections:

  • Introduction
  • Market analysis over the past decade 
  • Industry dynamics and market forces
  • Emerging opportunities and prospects 
  • Forecast and outlook
  • Expected or planned investment in transmission
  • Top 100 projects across high growth markets
  • Market profiles (Top 25 countries)

Each market profile will provide data and analysis on:

  • Industry and regulatory structure
  • Key transmission utilities/TSOs
  • Recent developments and trends
  • Emerging opportunities
  • - for developers and investors
    - for equipment suppliers
    - for contractors and consultants
  • Growth in generation capacity, production and consumption, 2008-17
  • Expected demand and addition to generation capacity, 2018-27
  • Growth in transmission network and capacity, 2008-17
  • - Growth in line length by voltage, technology (AC and DC), and type (overhead, underground and undersea)
    - Growth in transformer capacity by voltage
    - Growth in the number of substations/transformers
  • Expected growth in transmission network and capacity, 2018-27
  • - Projections by voltage level (110 kV and above)
    - Projections by technology (AC and DC)
    - Projections by type of line (overhead, underground and undersea)
    - Projections for transformer capacity
  • Expected investment in transmission network
  • Expected demand for transmission equipment, 2018-27
  • - Towers
    - Conductors and cables
    - Power transformers
    - Switchgear
  • List of key projects
  • Outlook

The report is priced at USD5,500.

There are also special "early bird" discounts. The price is USD4,125 (25 per cent discount) for orders and payments received on or before April 6, 2018 and USD4,813 (12.5 per cent discount) for orders and payments received on or before May 4, 2018.
The report will be released in the first week of May 2018.

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Yasmeen Chopra
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