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Global High Voltage Transmission Line Projects Database, 2019

Global Transmission Research will be releasing its fourth edition of Global High Voltage Transmission Line Projects Database and Report in a new format (updated regularly).

In this report, we will track approximately 1,780 high voltage transmission line projects across 100 countries and from six regions – North America, Latin America, Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

The projects have been classified as under construction, under contractor selection, under development, announced/proposed, or on hold.

The package will comprise a PDF report, an excel database and an online access to the database.

The PDF report will comprise eight distinct sections.

Part 1 will provide an introduction to the project database.

Part 2 will provide information on the key assumptions used to analyse the project database.

Part 3 will provide an executive summary of the report.

Part 4 will capture the key trends and recent developments in the transmission market such as new project opportunities; developments in developer and supplier segments; policy and regulatory developments; and financing and technology trends.

Part 5 will provide a global analysis of the project database, in terms of region, voltage level, technology, type of line and status.

Part 6 will provide an analysis of the database for each of the six regions, in terms of voltage level, technology, type of line and status.

Part 7 will provide the future outlook for the transmission market.

Part 8 will comprise the appendix, and will include a note on sources and methodology and a list of acronyms.

The excel database will provide detailed and up-to-date information on each project, including a description, developers, route, rated voltage (kV), technology (AC or DC), length (km), estimated cost, current status, contractors, scheduled completion and contact details.

There is a separate excel workbook for each of the six regions.

The excel database will be updated on a monthly basis.

An online platform for the project database is being developed. The platform will be updated on a weekly basis. It will offer in-built analytics and flexibility to customise and track projects based on the organisation’s needs.  

The package (PDF report, excel database and online access) is priced at USD6,000.

The report will be released by the first week of August. The online platform will be available by August 15, 2019.

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For further inquiries, please contact:

Yasmeen Chopra
Mobile: +1 905 228 6419

Rest of the world
Shruti Kumar
Mobile: +91 8447528984