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Global Electricity Transmission Report and Database, 2020-29

The fifth edition of the Global Electricity Transmission Report and Database will analyse the trends and developments over the last decade in the high voltage electricity transmission sectors of about 100 countries, and present expected growth and investment opportunities. The report will cover historical data and statistics since 2006 and will provide forecasts and growth expectations for 2020-29 in these countries. It will focus on the 110 kV and above segment.

The report will have 5 distinct sections.

Part 1 will provide an introduction to the report and an Executive Summary with key findings.

Part 2 of the report will provide an analysis of the performance of the global high voltage electricity transmission industry over the last decade, and will present forecasts and expected growth for 2020-29. It will assess the developments and trends shaping the industry, examine the key growth drivers, and provide an outlook and forecast for the industry at the global and regional levels.

Part 3 will provide detailed profiles of the 100 countries. These countries are organised into six regions – North America, Latin America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The report will cover 2 countries in North America; 16 countries in Latin America; 21 countries in Asia; 36 countries in Europe; 18 countries in Africa; and 7 countries in the Middle East.

Each country profile will provide data and analysis on:

  • Industry structure, institutional framework and key players
  • Generation capacity and production from 2006 to 2019
  • Forecasted demand and addition to generation capacity by 2029
  • Transmission network and capacity for 2006 to 2019
  • - Line length by voltage, technology (AC and DC) and by type of line (overhead, underground and undersea)
    - Transformer capacity by voltage
    - Number of substations and/or transformers
    - Line length of key transmission companies/utilities
  • Forecasted growth in transmission network and capacity by 2029
  • - Forecasts for line length by voltage, technology (AC and DC) and by type of line (overhead, underground and undersea)
    - Forecasts for transformer capacity
  • Forecasted investment in the transmission network

Note: The report will provide historical data from 2006 to 2019 and forecasted data for 2020-29. Please be advised there might be years for which data is not available. Wherever possible, the missing data will be estimated based on past growth trends and new projects planned.

Part 4 will be an appendix providing sources, methodology and list of abbreviations.

Part 5 of the report will be a database and will provide detailed data and statistics at the global, regional and country levels since 2006, and forecasts for the period 2020-29 in a tabular format.

Part 1-4 will be in a PowerPoint format and Part 5 will be an Excel database.

This report and database are indispensable for any organisation interested in the global high voltage transmission industry — utilities, system operators, equipment manufacturers and suppliers, EPC contractors, service and technology providers, investors/lenders, research organisations, industry consultants, regulatory agencies, development institutions, etc.

The package is priced at USD5,200. There are also special “early bird” discounts – the price is USD3,900 (25 per cent discount) for orders and payments received on or before 14 January 2020 and USD4,550 (12.5 per cent discount) for orders and payments received on or before 18 February 2020.

The report will be released in the first week of March 2020.

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