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Project Update

Current status of key electric power transmission projects

North America Latin America Asia Pacific
Europe Middle East & Africa

North America

SOO Green Renewable Rail Project, US [free access]

April 18, 2019
The project will help in transmitting wind power from Minnesota and Dakota to Iowa and thus will connect two of the largest electricity markets in the US—the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) and PJM Interconnection.

Colusa–Sutter (CoSu) Line Project, US 

April 18, 2019
The project was proposed to provide a new link between the California–Oregon Transmission Project (COTP), and SMUD and Western Area Power Administration’s (WAPA) facilities on the east side of the Sacramento Valley; enhance the reliability of the electrical grid in Northern California; and increase SMUD's ability to import and export power.

Kivalliq Hydro–Fibre Link , Canada 

April 18, 2019
The proposed hydroelectric-fibre optic link will connect communities in the Kivalliq region of Nunavut to Northern Manitoba to reduce the use of fossil fuel for energy generation, and improve Internet connectivity in these communities.

Abernathy to North to North Loop Transmission Line Project, US 

March 12, 2019
This project is amongst the several transmission line projects proposed to move a portion of the LP&L electric system from the Southwest Power Pool (SPP) grid (an interstate transmission grid) to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) grid.

Latin America

Pacific–San Marcos Line and Associated Network Project, Colombia 

April 18, 2019
Recently, in March 2019, Colombia’s mining and energy planning unit, Unidad de Planeación Minero Energética (UPME), announced the preliminary terms for the power transmission tender associated with the project.

Mata de Nance–Veladero Transmission Line Project, Panama 

April 18, 2019
The project entails the construction of a 230 kV double-circuit transmission line, stretching from the existing Mata de Nance substation in the town of Mata del Nance to the existing Veladero substation in El Veladero.

North-East Transmission System and Associated Interconnections, Ecuador 

April 18, 2019
The project aims to supply clean energy to Petroamazonas Ecuador SA, a unit of Ecuador’s state oil company Petroecuador, through the Sistema Nacional de Transmisión (SNT) or the national transmission system, and avoid further investment in thermal power generation.

Quevedo–San Gregorio–San Juan de Manta Project, Ecuador [free access]

April 18, 2019
The project aims to serve power consumers in the Manabí region.

Asia Pacific

CASA 1000 Project, Tajikistan–Afghanistan–Pakistan–Kyrgyz Republic 

April 16, 2019
The transmission project aims to facilitate the trade of 1,300 MW of electricity among four countries—Tajikistan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Strengthening of Transmission System beyond Vemagiri Project, India 

April 16, 2019
The project aims to strengthen the inter-regional transmission capacity to facilitate the transfer of power to India’s southern region.

Transmission System Associated with IPPs of Nagapattinam/Cuddalore Area- Package A 

March 4, 2019
The project aims to evacuate power from various generating stations being developed by independent power producers (IPPs) in the Nagapattinam/Cuddalore area.

Turkmenistan–Afghanistan–Pakistan (TAP) Power Interconnection project [free access]

March 4, 2019
The 500 kV Turkmenistan–Afghanistan–Pakistan (TAP) power interconnection project is one of the most important regional energy projects and will enable power trade among the three countries.


380 kV Salzburg Power Line, Austria 

April 18, 2019
The 380 kV Salzburg power line project is crucial for improving security of supply and to close the 380 kV safety ring, which is the backbone of electricity supply in western Austria.

Greenlink Interconnector, UK–Ireland 

April 18, 2019
The project is a proposed 500 MW subsea and underground cable (UGC) electricity interconnector (with associated converter stations) between the electricity grids in UK and Ireland, allowing for electricity to flow both ways between the two countries.

Nemo Link Interconnector Project, UK-Belgium 

March 12, 2019
Nemo Link Interconnector or Project Nemo is the third interconnector to link UK’s grid with the rest of Europe.

Avonmouth−Bridgwater Link, UK 

March 12, 2019
National Grid has proposed executing an upgrade of the power network associated with Electricite de France’s (EDF) Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant in Somerset, UK.

Middle East & Africa

220 kV Kyaka–Nyakanazi Transmission Line Project, Tanzania 

April 16, 2019
The project aims to stabilise power in the Bukoba, and north and west regions of Tanzania.

Mozambique–Malawi Transmission Interconnection Project 

April 15, 2019
The project includes the construction of the 218-km-long, 400 kV transmission line connecting the Matambo substation in the western Mozambican province of Tete and the Phombeya substation in Malawi.

MoZiSa Transmission Project, Mozambique–Zimbabwe–South Africa 

April 15, 2019
A new transmission interconnection to link three Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries—Mozambique, Zimbabwe and South Africa—is being developed by EDM, ZESA and Eskom respectively.

Kenya–Tanzania Power Interconnection Project 

March 4, 2019
The power grid developers of Kenya and Tanzania, KETRACO and TANESCO, respectively, are planning to construct a high voltage cross-border line to link the power grids of the two countries.