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Project Update

Current status of key electric power transmission projects

North America Latin America Asia Pacific
Europe Middle East & Africa

North America

South Orange County Reliability Enhancement Project, US 

July 4, 2017
It is an USD350 million transmission project, which aims to rebuild and upgrade a portion of SDG&E’s transmission infrastructure in South Orange County.

Energize Eastside Project, USA 

July 4, 2017
Under the project, PSE is proposing to construct and operate a new 230/115 transformer, and an 18-mile (29-km), 230 kV line from existing substations in Renton to Redmond.

Valley Area Improvements Program, US 

July 4, 2017
I&M has announced a USD146 million programme to upgrade the electric transmission grid in Van Buren, Berrien and Cass counties in south western Michigan.

R-Plan Transmission Line, US 

July 1, 2017
The proposed USD380 million R-Plan project is included in the Southwest Power Pool’s (SPP) Integrated Transmission Plan (ITP10), and is divided into two segment.

Latin America

Baja California Sur–Sistema Interconectado Nacional (SIN) Interconnection Project, Mexico 

July 4, 2017
Mexican state-owned energy firm Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE) has recently announced a direct current (DC) underwater transmission line project to connect Isolated Electrical System of Baja California Sur with Sistema Interconectado Nacional (SIN)—the national interconnected system.

Transmission System Development in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil 

July 4, 2017
he company was awarded the project by the Brazilian energy regulator Agencia Nacional de Energia Eletrica (ANEEL) during auction no. 004/2014 in November 2014.

Istmo de Tehuantepec–Valle de México Transmission Project, Mexico 

July 1, 2017
The project has been planned in the eastern control region of the Sistema Eléctrico Nacional (SEN) or national electricity system, to incorporate 15,280 MW of generating capacity planned for the next 15 years (mostly from renewables).

Laguna Colorada Interconnection Project, Chile 

July 1, 2017
The project entails construction of a 230 kV line to connect the geothermal plant to the Sistema Interconectado Nacional (SIN) or the national interconnected system.

Asia Pacific

SASEC Power Expansion Project, Nepal 

June 5, 2017
The project has been proposed to increase electricity access, reduce power shortages and increase power export to India by strengthening grid transmission capacity in the country.

Transgrid 2.0 Project, India 

June 5, 2017
The project is being implemented by KSEB to enhance the state’s transmission capacity.

400 kV Patuakhali (Payra)–Gopalganj Transmission Line, Bangladesh 

June 5, 2017
The project involves the construction of transmission facilities to evacuate power from the upcoming 1,320 MW coal-based Payra power plant.

±800 kV Raigarh–Pugalur HVDC Transmission Line, India 

June 5, 2017
The project entails the construction of a ±800 kV high voltage direct current (HVDC) corridor to evacuate power from the thermal power-rich western states and transmit it to the power-starved southern states of India.


420 kV Modalen–Mongstad Line, Norway 

July 4, 2017
The project involves the construction of the 420 kV, 70-km Mødalen−Mongstad line to improve the security of supply in the Bergen region.

NORD.LINK, Germany–Norway 

June 20, 2017
The project is being implemented by Norway’s state-owned transmission system operator (TSO) Statnett and Germany’s DC Nordseekabel GmbH & Company KG, which is owned by Germany’s TSO TenneT and KfW Development Bank.

Moorside NPP Link, UK 

June 5, 2017
The Moorside nuclear power plant (NPP) link project comprises a 164-km-long line to connect the proposed nuclear power station at Moorside in Cumbria to the national electricity network.

400 kV Dobrudja–Burgas Transmission Line, Bulgaria 

June 5, 2017
The project involves the construction of a new 140-km, 400 kV, 1,500 MW transmission line between Dobrudja in northeastern Bulgaria and Burgas on the southern coast of the Black Sea.

Middle East & Africa

North-South Interconnector Project, Oman 

July 4, 2017
The Oman Power and Water Procurement Company (OPWP) will be connecting the power grid in north Oman with that of Dhofar Governorate in the south of the country.

400 kV Suswa–Isinya Line Project, Kenya 

July 4, 2017
State-owned Kenya Electricity Transmission Company Limited (KETRACO) has concluded construction works on the 100-km-long, 400 kV Suswa–Isinya transmission line.

Loiyangalani–Suswa Line Project, Kenya 

July 4, 2017
The project involves construction of the 428-km-long, 400 kV power line running from Loiyangalani to Suswa in Kenya.

Mozambique–Malawi Grid Interconnection Project 

July 4, 2017
The project includes construction of the 218-km-long, 400 kV transmission line connecting the Matambo substation in the western Mozambican province of Tete and the Phombeya substation in Malawi.