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Project Update

Current status of key electric power transmission projects

North America Latin America Asia Pacific
Europe Middle East & Africa

North America

Rio Rico–Patagonia Transmission Line Project, US 

October 6, 2020
The new 132 kV transmission line aims to connect Rio Rico (in Santa Cruz County, Arizona) to the Patagonia Mountains so as to provide Hermosa South32’s mine development project with sufficient power supply.

Blue Ridge Energy Transmission Project, US 

October 5, 2020
This project aims to upgrade the electric reliability and capacity in the Ashe and Watauga counties in North Carolina.

BC Hydro's Site C Transmission Project, Canada 

September 9, 2020
The transmission project is associated with BC Hydro’s Site C Clean Energy Project which entails the construction of a dam and a hydroelectric generating station over the Peace River in northeast British Colombia to provide 1,100 MW of capacity and produce about 5,100 GWh of electricity each year.

SOO Green HVDC Link Project, US 

September 2, 2020
The SOO Green high voltage direct current (HVDC) Link is a first-of-its-kind infrastructure project to transport renewable energy (RE) via a 350-mile (563-km) underground 525 kV HVDC transmission line along an existing railroad (following a co-location model—co-locating transmission along a transportation corridor).

Latin America

138 kV Puerto Maldonado–Iberia Transmission Line Project, Peru 

October 6, 2020
The project aims to improve grid stability in the country by supplying electricity to the city of Iberia, as well as to other towns and industrial locations in the area.

500 kV Yguazú Substation Project, Paraguay 

October 6, 2020
The project aims to strengthen the transmission system of the rural areas as part of the developer’s larger plan under the Programa de Fortalecimiento de Transmisión del Sistema Interconectado Nacional y de Distribucion Electrica Rural, or Strengthening the Transmission of the National Interconnected System and Rural Electrical Distribution.

Panamá III–Sabanitas (Colón) Transmission Line, Panama 

September 4, 2020
The project will facilitate the evacuation of future generation from the province of Colón, which will also provide an alternative corridor of supply to the province of Panama.

Itauguá–Pirayú Transmission Line Project, Paraguay 

August 10, 2020
The project aims to strengthen the grid system of the area and is part of the developer’s larger plan to reinforce the Sistema Interconectado Nacional (SIN)—the national interconnected system.

Asia Pacific

500 kV Guzar–Regar Power Transmission Line Rehabilitation Project, Uzbekistan 

October 5, 2020
The Asian Development Bank (ADB)-funded 500 kV Guzar–Regar power line between Uzbekistan and Tajikistan aims to improve power exchange between the two countries as well as strengthen their respective power grids.

1,000 kV Zhangbei–Xiong'an UHV AC Transmission Project, China 

September 2, 2020
The 1,000 kV ultra-high voltage alternating current (UHV AC) project involved the construction of a 320-km line connecting the Zhangbei UHV substation in Zhangjiakou and the Xiong'an UHV substation in Baoding, crossing nine counties in the process.

Electricity Grid Modernisation Project, Nepal [free access]

September 2, 2020
The project aims to strengthen and modernise Nepal’s high-priority grid network.

New England Transmission Infrastructure (NETI), Australia [free access]

August 11, 2020
The transmission system is associated with the upcoming 8,000 MW New England renewable energy zone (REZ) in northern NSW.


Kilingi-Nõmme−Riga CHP-2 Project, Estonia–Latvia 

October 6, 2020
The third Estonia–Latvia link aims to increase the security of supply and develop the electricity market in the Baltic region.

ALEGrO Interconnection, Belgium-Germany 

October 5, 2020
The Aachen-Liège Electric Grid Overlay (ALEGrO) link, which is aimed at enhancing the security of supply between Germany and Belgium, is a 380 kV underground high voltage direct current (HVDC) interconnection between Aachen in Germany and Liège in Belgium.

Shetland Link, UK 

September 9, 2020
The proposed project aims to export renewable energy from the new wind farms on Shetland to the rest of Great Britain and ensure energy security on the islands.

SuedLink, HVDC Corridor C Transmission Project, Germany 

August 10, 2020
The high voltage direct current (HVDC) Corridor C link has been designed to integrate new wind generation from northern Germany, extending towards southern Germany and southern Europe for consumption and storage.

Middle East & Africa

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)–Uganda Interconnection [free access]

October 5, 2020
The cross-border project aims to link north-eastern DRC, which is isolated from the national grid.

Jordan–Saudi Arabia Interconnection Project [free access]

September 4, 2020
The proposed project will connect the power grids of Jordan and Saudi Arabia via a 164-km-long line from Qurayyat (Saudi Arabia) to East Amman (Jordan).

500 kV Egypt–Sudan Interconnection Project 

August 10, 2020
The project aims to facilitate power trade between Egypt and Sudan and also promote stability of the two power systems.

330 kV North Core Project, Nigeria, Niger, Togo-Benin, Burkina Faso [free access]

July 13, 2020
The 330 kV North Core Project is a 330 kV transmission line from Birnin Kebbi (Nigeria) to Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso), passing through Zabori (Niger) and Niamey (Niger) with a T-off to Malanville (Benin).