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NKT, Prysmian get key EUR1 billion contracts in Germany [free access]

May 6, 2020

The two German transmission system operators (TSOs)—TenneT TSO GmbH and 50Hertz—have recently awarded two cable contracts for EUR500 million each, for their joint SuedOstLink project. The two contractors include—the Danish supplier of power cable solutions, NKT, which has received the contract from 50Hertz, and the Italian PowerLink Srl (a subsidiary of Prysmian SpA) being selected by TenneT TSO.


The two contractors will be responsible for the design, manufacture, delivery and laying of around 1,000 km of plastic-insulated underground cables (UGCs). The two contractors will also support the detailed routing, install the connecting sleeves and terminations, as well as carry out the final high voltage (HV) testing of the cable system. 


According to TenneT, the utility will use the innovative, plastic-insulated 525 kV underground cables for the first time worldwide. This will set new standards in technology and reduce environmental impact.


The 2 GW, high voltage direct current (HVDC) project aims to facilitate the transmission of power from offshore wind farms in the northern region of Germany to consumption centres in the southern region. It consists of a ±525 kV line spanning approximately 580 km from Wolmirstedt in Saxony–Anhalt to the Isar power plant site near Landshut in Bavaria. As part of the project, TenneT will be responsible for the planning in Bavaria, and 50Hertz in the federal states of Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. 


At present, the project is undergoing approval procedures, at the end of which the concerned authority will determine the exact line route within the corridor and its technical implementation. 


The project is designated as a European Union (EU) project of common interest (PCI), and is scheduled to be commissioned in 2025.