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Brazilian TAESA acquires two SPEs from Amber Energia [free access]

March 16, 2020

Brazil electric power transmission company, Transmissora Alianca de Energia Eletrica SA (TAESA), has completed the purchase of two transmission special purpose entities (SPEs) of Brazilian J&F Investimentos SA’s energy arm, Amber Energia.


These include, São João Transmissora de Energia SA, which operates the 408 km, 500 kV Gilbués –São João do Piauí line, which was awarded in Auction No. 01/2013 in May 2013. The project became operational in August 2016.


The second SPE is São Pedro Transmissora de Energia SA, which operates a 230 kV project won during Auction No. 02/2013 as Lot C in July 2013. It includes the 230 kV Rio Grande II–Barreiras I, line; 230 kV Barreiras I–Barreiras II line; Barreiras II 500/230 kV substation of (3+1)x100 MVA capacity; 230/138 kV Rio Grande II substation of (3+1)x33 MVA capacity; 230 kV line between Barreiras II substation and sectioning of 230 kV Barreiras I–Bom Jesus da Lapa line, 2x2 km; 230 kV Gilbués–Bom Jesus II line; 230 kV Bom Jesus II–Eliseu Martins line; 500/230 kV Gilbués substation of 1x250 MVA capacity; 230/69 kV Gilbués substation of 2x50 MVA capacity; and 230/69 kV Bom Jesus II substation of 2x50 MVA capacity. The project started commercial operation in October 2016.