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Siemens bags contract to retrofit 380 kV substation in Germany [free access]

November 14, 2019

German transmission system operator (TSO), TransnetBW, has commissioned Germany-based energy-engineering firm, Siemens, to build new switchgear for the 380 kV Daxlanden substation in Karlsruhe, Baden-Wurttemberg, to aid transmission from wind-rich Northern Germany to the consumption-centric southern region.


Under the contract, Siemens will replace the existing outdoor system by two new gas-insulated indoor switchgear systems with 14 and 12 panels respectively during the first expansion stage, and 18 and 15 panels respectively, in the final stage. This will assist TransnetBW in boosting the substation's transmission capacity and facilitating an increasing level of wind power on the high voltage (HV) grid.


Further, Siemens will replace the sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) with treated air—so-called Clean Air, thus ensuring a more climate-friendly operation. The Clean Air technology will be used in all of the substation's bus ducts used for connecting overhead lines (OHLs) and transformers, as well as in the connecting lines between the two switchgear systems.


At present, TransnetBW is preparing the approval process, and has plans to submit the documents to the city of Karlsruhe in mid-2020. The commissioning of the turnkey solution at Daxlanden — one of the largest substations in Germany — will take place in stages and complete in 2029.