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SPP Board of Directors approves USD336 million 2019 ITP plan [free access]

October 30, 2019

The Board of Directors of Southwest Power Pool (SPP) have approved the 2019 Integrated Transmission Plan (ITP), requiring SPP members to construct 44 new projects worth USD336 million to ensure a reliable and cost-effective grid, capable of enabling a rapidly changing generation mix and new technologies. The plan includes construction of 166 miles (267 km) of 345 kV transmission line network, and rebuilding of 28 miles (45 km) of network.


These upgrades will facilitate the reliable delivery of lower-cost generation. They are expected to reduce SPP’s wholesale energy congestion costs by 21 per cent on an average, providing an estimated future net savings of up to 23 cents on average monthly residential bills. SPP’s plan includes wind and solar growth, conventional generation retirements, and impacts of new electrification technologies over the next 10 years.


The key projects involved in the plan are, the USD162 million New Wolf Creek–Blackberry 345 kV line and New Butler 138 kV phase-shifting transformer project, USD86 million New Sooner–Wekiwa 345 kV line and Sand Springs-Sheffield Steel 138 kV terminal equipment project, USD2.8 million Gracemont-Anadarko 138 kV rebuild project, and the USD3.7 million, 115 kV, Arnold–Ransom line and Pile–Scott City–Setab line project.