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Latin America News

Colombian GEB to invest USD2.16 billion during 2019–23 [free access]

August 22, 2019

Colombian Grupo Energía Bogotá (GEB) has announced that it will prioritise gas and power transmission projects in Colombia and Peru as part of its strategy to expand its network in the Latin American region. GEB has set aside USD2.163 billion under its updated investment plan for the period 2019-23, including USD1.147 billion for gas transport and power transmission projects, USD896 million for power distribution projects and USD120 million for power generation.


Its updated investment plan forecasts USD645 million for transmission projects in Colombia and abroad, USD565 million for Peruvian gas distributor, Cálidda, and USD375 million for Colombian gas transporter, TGI.


Of the total investment amount, USD649 million has been allocated for 2019, USD449 million for 2020, USD352 million for 2021, USD359 million for 2022 and USD355 million for 2023.