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Board of Directors of Eletrobras approves sale of 39 SPEs [free access]

July 25, 2019

The Board of Directors of Brazilian power company, Centrais Eletricas Brasileiras SA (Eletrobras), has approved the sale of 39 special purpose entities (SPEs) under six lots, as a part of the company’s plan to sell the remaining equity interests of the auction held in September 2018.


Under these, the following will be offered:

Lot 1: Santa Vitória do Palmar Holding SA (includes 18 SPEs), which came into existence after Agencia Nacional de Energia Eletrica’s (ANEEL) auction no. 002/2011 for the development of wind energy projects

Lot 2: Eólica Hermenegildo I SA, Eólica Hermenegildo II SA, Eólica Hermenegildo III SA and Eólica Chuí IX SA, which are generation SPEs

Lot 3: Chapada do Piauí I Holding SA (includes eight SPEs), which are generation SPEs

Lot 4: Chapada do Piauí II Holding SA (includes seven SPEs), which are generation SPEs

Lot 5: Eólica Mangue Seco 2 Geradora e Comercializadora de Energia Elétrica SA, which is a generation SPE

Lot 6: Manaus Transmissora de Energia SA, which came into existence after the auction no. 004/2008, to develop the 500 kV, 586 km, Oriximiná–Silves–Lechuga line, passing through the states of Amazonas and Pará, and the 500/138 kV Silves and 500/230 kV Cariri substations. The project is operational since March 2013.


Interested investors would be required to register during July 30 to August 12, 2019, to be able to participate in the bidding.