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ITC Midwest energises last portion of MVP 4 project [free access]

July 16, 2019

ITC Midwest LLC, a subsidiary of ITC Holdings, has completed its portion of the Multi-Value Project (MVP) 4 project, which is a part of the 17 MVPs approved by the Midcontinent Independent Transmission System Operator (MISO) in 2011, to provide access to low-cost electricity generation, improve reliability and efficiency, and expand access to renewable energy resources throughout the Midwest. With this, the entire MVP 4 project has been completed.


The project will facilitate the integration of clean, renewable and cost-effective energy, including wind energy, from southern Minnesota and northern Iowa for electric consumers across the region. It included the construction of 179-mile (288-km), 345 kV line in Iowa, of which 71 miles (114 km) are owned and operated by MidAmerican Energy Company, and the rest by ITC Midwest. The former completed its portion in November 2016.


Under the recent development, ITC Midwest completed the last section of the 55-mile (88.6-km) segment of MVP 4, which links its substation near Ledyard, Iowa to the Colby substation located northwest of Mason City, Iowa. This line then extends 12 miles (19.32 km) south to the Killdeer substation southwest of Mason City (which was energised in September 2017), and 29 miles farther south to the area of the Hampton Tap (which was energised in August 2017), where ownership changes to MidAmerican Energy for 71 miles (114 km). MVP 4 then turns east in Franklin County, and ITC Midwest owns the eastern 12-mile (19.32 km) segment of the line, which ends at the company’s substation near Hazleton, Iowa and was energised in November 2015. To facilitate the MVP 4 project, ITC Midwest constructed the new Colby and Killdeer substations as well.