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Digitising grids can reduce costs as RE grows in Germany [free access]

June 6, 2019

According to the German power transmission system operator (TSO) TenneT, the utility has plans to scale up its pilot schemes for digitising the power grid and cutting its investment by bringing down costs and congestion in the infrastructure.


During the ten-year period spanning 2019-28, TenneT (also the Dutch TSO) expects to invest approximately EUR35 billion, of which it will invest EUR23 billion in Germany, recouped through fees paid by consumers, and EUR12 billion in the Netherlands. 


In order to keep pace with the Germany’s growing focus on power generation from renewable energy sources (RES), the utility must make costly changes to its grids to stabilise them and avoid blackouts. Thereby, in order to avoid spending beyond 2030, the utility plans to come up with more digital solutions to such transitions.


Recently, the utility, along with the solar battery maker Sonnen, completed a two-year project, linking rooftop solar power installations to the grid with the help of data company International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) in Germany.


Moreover, the utility is also pursuing a digital venture, involving the connection of car batteries to provide extra power to help balance the country’s grid.