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MISO to finalise draft MTEP 2019 investment plan [free access]

May 31, 2019

The Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) is finalising its draft Transmission Expansion Plan (MTEP) 2019. So far, the draft contains 518 new projects worth USD4.3 billion to be recommended for approval, which includes 65 new projects valued at USD771 million up for consideration in the MISO South region.


These 518 projects include 171 baseline reliability projects (BRP) projects with an investment requirement of USD1,524.7 million; 40 generator interconnection projects (GIP) projects worth USD212.3 million, and 307 other projects (relating to reliability, age and condition of the assets, load growth and local needs) requiring investment of USD2,544 million.


10 projects account for 50 per cent of the total MTEP 2019 investment requirement. These include the new distribution substation at Rayville (USD54.1 million); new 230 kV Cotton Substation (USD17.3 million); Sellers Leblanc Project (USD66.7 million); new 230 kV Veteran Substation (USD33.9 million); new Tuscany Substation (USD36.9 million); construction of 5 position ring bus at Heber Springs North and a 26 mile (43 km) 161 kV line form Heber Springs North to Partain (USD38.9 million); new 230 kV Catlett Road–South Canton line (USD58.7 million); reconfiguration of 500 kV Franklin substation (USD26.3 million); new 230 kV Colyell Creek Substation (USD28.5 million); and Jefferson Parish Area Reliability Plan Phase 2 project (USD51.6 million).



In the MISO South region, a total of seven BRP projects have been proposed with an investment requirement of USD164.2 million, nine GIP projects worth USD65.4 million, and 49 other projects, mainly for improving reliability and addressing load growth issues, for USD541.7 million.


The final MTEP19 is expected to be approved by the MISO Board of Directors in December 2019.