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Paraguay’s officials emphasise on expansion of 500 kV network [free access]

May 7, 2019

The officials of Commission of Binational Hydroelectric Entities, and Ministry of Mines and Energy, held a joint meeting with engineers and technicians of the Paraguayan electrical sector, to analyse the delineation of the energy policy of country post 2023. Under this, the officials emphasised on the need for expansion of transmission infrastructure with the addition of 500 kV lines to have access to the energy from the 12 GW Itaipu Binational Hydro Power Plant by 2021.


These projects are being planned under the proposed revisions in the Itaipu Treaty by 2023, which allots 50 per cent of the capacity of the hydro power plant to Paraguay, and the rest to Brazil. Development of these lines will help Paraguay to negotiate with Brazil on equal terms in 2021, regarding the terms and conditions of the treaty.


Further, these officials also emphasised on the need for attracting private investment either through the public-private participation (PPP) model or through any other mode, to share the load of state-owned power company Administración Nacional de Electricidad (ANDE) in providing the entire necessary infrastructure. 


Currently, Paraguay lacks transmission infrastructure, and can access only 25 per cent of the total generation of the Itaipú, Yacyretá and Acaray hydro power plants.