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Romania's Transelectrica receives EUR31 million funding for 400 kV line [free access]

April 10, 2019

The Romanian national power grid operator Transelectrica SA has received non-reimbursable funding of EUR31 million from the Ministerul Fondurilor Europenefor or the Romanian Ministry of European Funds for the 400 kV Gutinaș–Smârdan double-circuit overhead line(OHL).The financial support has been granted under the infrastructure programme “programului operațional infrastructură mare” (POIM), or the Large Infrastructure Operational Programme.


The 140-km-long OHL has been awarded the status of Project of Common Interest (PCI) by the European Commission (EC). As an integral part of the PCI cluster—Black Sea Corridor, the project will significantly contribute to strengthening the national power system and securing electricity supply. It also aims to integrate the renewable energies from power generation facilities in the Dobruja (Dobrogea) region. Moreover, the OHL will support regional and European market integration by providing North-South and East-West connections to complete the internal market, and further facilitate the development of European electricity transmission infrastructure.


The total investment in the project is EUR56.8 million, nearly 55 per cent of which will be covered by the Ministry. However, the remaining portion of investment not covered by the support will be financed individually by the respective TSO. The Ministry investment in the project is scheduled to begin in 2019, with commissioning being scheduled for December 2022.