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Californian SMUD cancels 500 kV CoSu project [free access]

March 4, 2019

California-based Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) has canceled the 500 kV Colusa–Sutter Transmission Line (CoSu) project, considering its rising cost. As per the former, the cost of the project has increased by USD100 million over its original estimates of USD245 million; and as per the current requirements of the region, the line is no longer relevant.


The project was proposed to provide a new link between the California–Oregon Transmission Project (COTP), and SMUD and Western Area Power Administration’s (WAPA) facilities on the east side of the Sacramento Valley; enhance the reliability of the electrical grid in Northern California; and increase SMUD's ability to import and export power.


The proposed CoSu Line Project was to involve construction, operation, and maintenance of a new 500 kV, 44-mile (70.84-km), single-circuit 1,190 MW transmission line to connect the COTP transmission lines to a substation in Sutter or Sacramento County. It would also have involved construction of substation facilities at the COTP interconnection point, including the installation of communication and protection equipment.


SMUD has now developed a new power generation plan, which has reduced the need for the new transmission project.