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MEM of Peru approves Transmission Plan 2019-28 [free access]

December 31, 2018

The Ministerio de Energía y Minas (MEM) of Peru has approved Plan de Transmisión 2019-28 or Transmission Plan 2019-28, which includes total nine binding projects that are scheduled to be completed by 2024. It includes the reinforcement of transmission in the central zone of the country through the implementation of the 220 kV Chilca REP–Independencia line project, to cater to the rising power requirements of the area.


For the northern part, the binding plan includes the 220 kV Reque–Nueva Carhuaquero and Cajamarca–Cáclic–Moyobamba (second circuit) lines and their associated network expansion projects. The former project will support the upcoming Peru–Ecuador interconnection, as well as help in reducing congestion on the existing Chiclayo–Carhuaquero line in the longer term. The 220 kV Cajamarca–Cáclic–Moyobamba project will help improve the power supply network of Moyobamba and Tarapoto, given the expected power demand growth in the north-eastern area.


The binding plan also includes expansion of the 220 kV Puno, Azángaro, Cajamarca, La Planicie and Socabaya substations, and construction of the 220/60 kV Tumbes substation with 75 MVA capacity, and the 60 kV Nueva Tumbes–Tumbes link. The approved plan does not include the 220 kV Montalvo–Moquegua (second circuit) line project, which was the part of the original proposed plan.