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Project Update

Crete–Mainland Interconnection Project, Greece [free access]

October 1, 2018

Developer: Anexartitos Diacheiristis MetaforasIlektrikis Energeias (ADMIE)


Project details and status: The Crete–Mainland interconnection project is divided into two phases— the 150 kV alternating current (AC) link between Molia (Crete) and Chania (Peloponese, mainland Greece) (2x200 MVA) (Phase I), and the bipolar direct current (DC) link (32x350 MW) between Kopakia (Crete) and Attica (Phase II). While the former is a long-term project, the latter phase is under development and is expected to be completed by 2021.


The project is important for connecting Crete’s isolated systems and to support future renewable energy sources (RES) integration.


During August 2018, it was reported that France’s transmission system operator (TSO) Réseau de Transport d’Électricité (RTE) discussed with ADMIE the possibility of participating in the project.


Recently in September 2018, the project faced a major setback as the European Commission (EC) announced that the decision of the country’s Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE) to award the concession of the project to ADMIE was invalid.


As reported, just two days after the decision and the immediate setup by ADMIE of a special-purpose company called Ariadni International to undertake the project, the EC declared that according to European law, RAE could not make a direct concession before the end of 2018, even if Greece chose to proceed with it as a national project.