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JICA grants JPY2.6 billion for T&D project in Rwanda [free access]

September 20, 2018

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has signed a grant agreement worth JPY2.63 billion with the Government of the Republic of Rwanda for the implementation of the Project for Improvement of Substations and Distribution Network Phase 3.


The transmission segment of the project entails construction of a control room building and substation facility foundation; supply of equipment for 15 MVA, 110/15 kV transformers; and a 15 kV switchboard for the Gasogi substation. The power distribution works includes a lead-in transmission line from existing transmission lines to the 110 kV substation (approximately 0.2 km) and 20-km-long, 15 kV distribution lines (two routes). Lastly, the project includes undertaking detailed design work, bidding assistance, and procurement supervision.


The project aims to strengthen the Gasogi substation and transmission and distribution (T&D) facilities located in capital city of Kigali. It will be executed by the Energy Development Company Limited (EDCL) and is expected to complete within 24 months (including detailed design work and the bidding period).