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Nepal’s MEWRI publishes plan to improve transmission network system [free access]

July 2, 2018

Nepal’s Ministry of Energy Water Resources and Irrigation (MEWRI) has published the Transmission System Master Plan prepared by recently formed, state-owned Rastriya Prasaran Grid Company Limited (RPGCL).


As per the master plan, around 6,867-km-long transmission lines and 103 substations of different capacities are envisaged to be constructed to enable the efficient distribution of electricity within the country as well as for export.


In particular, 2,515-km-long 132 kV, 1,160-km-long 220 kV and 3,192-km-long 400 kV of transmission lines throughout the country will be built. Similarly, the plan includes construction of 29 substations of 400/132 kV, 11 substations of 400/220/132 kV, 19 substations of 220/132 kV and 44 switching substations of 132 kV to manage the supply of electricity generated within the country.


The total cost of developing the entire network included in the master plan is estimated at NPR603.7 billion. Of the total cost, around NPR376.7 billion will be incurred while constructing the transmission lines and NPR226.9 billion to develop the substations.


RPGCL was established in 2015 to exclusively construct and operate transmission line projects, to help transmit and evacuate the power for the development and operation of Nepal’s hydropower sector.


(NPR1=USD 0.009)