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Project Update

Strait of Belle Isle Marine Cable Crossing, Canada [free access]

June 4, 2018

Developer: Nalcor Energy


Project details and status: The cable project was proposed to transmit power generated at Muskrat Falls to the island of Newfoundland through a 30 km ±350 kV high voltage direct current (HVDC) underwater cable crossing constructed across the Strait of Belle Isle from Forteau Point, Labrador, to Shoal Cove on Newfoundland. It is part of the larger Lower Churchill Project, which includes the construction of an 824 MW hydroelectric generating facility and over 1,600 km of transmission lines.


The construction of the project began in 2016.


As of May 2018, Nalcor Energy had concluded project works after the final portion, a 2.3-km-long cable, was installed by Nexans as part of its contract to design, manufacture, supply and install approximately 100 km of subsea HVDC cable and accessories for the Lower Churchill Project.