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Afghanistan’s DABS awards USD80 million transmission contracts [free access]

April 23, 2018

Afghanistan's Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS) has awarded three contracts worth USD80 million to Indian and Chinese contractors for the major development projects of the Bamyan and central Afghanistan electrification networks.


The first contract worth USD43.8 million was awarded to India’s KEC International Limited for the construction of a 180-km-long, 220 kV transmission line from the Dushi substation to the Bamyan city, with capacity of 300 MW.


The second contract worth USD11.6 million was awarded to China’s Xinjiang Electric Power Construction Company Limited for the construction of a 220/20 kV substation in Azhdar area of Bamyan province with capacity of 32 MW.


The third contract worth USD24.1 million was awarded to Indian-based Shyama Power India Limited for the construction of Bamyan electrification network involving the provision of electricity connection to 20,000 new subscribers.