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GridLiance acquires transmission assets of city of Nixa [free access]

April 4, 2018

South Central MCN LLC, a subsidiary of GridLiance Holdco, LP (GridLiance)—an independent transmission company, has received approval from Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to acquire transmission assets of the city of Nixa. With this, the former has completed its acquisition of the city of Nixa’s 10-mile (16.1-km), 69 kV transmission line between the City of Springfield and the Southwestern Power Administration, as well as four substations and related infrastructure.


The Missouri Public Service Commission (PSC) granted South Central MCN a certificate to operate as a public utility in Missouri in 2016. With these approvals, the company has assumed full operational responsibility of Nixa’s transmission assets, effective April 1, 2018.


As per the city of Nixa, the ever changing regulatory and tariff process makes it difficult for a small distribution utility like Nixa Electric, to operate transmission network. Due to this, the city has partnered with GridLiance, who will handle operations and compliance issues while ensuring the residents of Nixa continue to enjoy reliable transmission service. The city of Nixa will continue to own the distribution lines, and customers will continue to pay their electric bills to Nixa Electric.


This current transaction means the city of Nixa would no longer have to maintain the transmission assets that connect it to the regional grid and power stations where electricity is generated. Over time, the transaction will save the city money on transmission costs.