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Colombian ISA to invest COP5.17 trillion in 2017 [free access]

March 10, 2017


Colombian power transmission firm Interconexion Electrica (ISA) has announced plans to increase its annual investment budget by 41.7 per cent to COP5.17 trillion for 2017, in comparison to COP3.10 trillion allocated in 2016.


According to ISA, 94 per cent of the total budget, an equivalent of COP48.60 trillion, is intended for electric power transmission projects developed by the firm internationally, with further COP167 billion dedicated to developing telecommunications infrastructure of its subsidiary Internexa, which intends to invest in fibre optic cable installations. In addition, ISA will provide COP95 billion of the budget to the various road concession contracts it holds in Chile, while COP49 billion will be invested into power management for real-time systems of its Colombian subsidiary, the electricity grid operator Expertos en Mercados (XM).


In terms of the markets, the largest amount of COP1.43 trillion will be invested in the Brazilian market, followed by Colombia with COP1.42 trillion, while its Chilean and Peruvian operations will receive COP1.18 trillion and COP1.13 trillion, respectively.